im documenting.
What are some of your hobbies other than videography ?

reading grimoires

You don't fuck with nikon bruh?

nikon is for dirty ppl.

What's your type of girl ?

the psychic clairvoyant ones. lol.

"When you recognize all is one, you plug yourself into a system of limitless solutions."


Dude u dnt even know how much you inspire people

you right. i don’t. lol

coming soon.

they created an hierarchy and based it off skin. i reckon it’s the blood within.

curry vid shoot

curry vid shoot

Well what lens would look the cleanest you think? Like close to a 70D for a t2i

24-70mm 2.8 in perfect lighting

explain FXRBE$ to us!

forbes is my real name. fxrbe$ is a sigil. lol. jk.

What DSLR camera(s) would you say are great for creating music videos with your past experiences?

anything with a full frame, and a bad ass L series lens

i seeen u at twelve'len show.

lol. good shit.

You're a god

coocooooo!! <3

How close are you with indigochildrick?

thats my blood brudda.