im documenting.
Dude u dnt even know how much you inspire people

you right. i don’t. lol

i forgot what tension felt like; that cold feeling that infects you when you get that final goodbye. who is it that lives their life numb? and if we were numb how could we see the beauty of life. Amazing, isn’t it? a tightly woven knit of paths that crosses yours with lessons intact. everything from the lightest to the darkest of humans crossed my vision, infected my life, drowned me with their poisonous energy bodies that attached themselves to me, as I sat there like a tamed lion in his cage, forced to watch the side show. I found sanity in playing the fool. The lesson has been learned, the pain has been sustained, the experience has been documented.

coming soon.

they created an hierarchy and based it off skin. i reckon it’s the blood within.

curry vid shoot

curry vid shoot

Well what lens would look the cleanest you think? Like close to a 70D for a t2i

24-70mm 2.8 in perfect lighting

explain FXRBE$ to us!

forbes is my real name. fxrbe$ is a sigil. lol. jk.

What DSLR camera(s) would you say are great for creating music videos with your past experiences?

anything with a full frame, and a bad ass L series lens

i seeen u at twelve'len show.

lol. good shit.

You're a god

coocooooo!! <3

How close are you with indigochildrick?

thats my blood brudda.

What lense should I get for that t2i then?

depends on what you like, i really can’t tell you what lens to use. it’s all up to how you want your vision to look.

peace, king. your future shines as bright as you do.

*single tear runs down my face* thank you.

Ever thought about getting a filming crew together?

hell yeah. it’s forming as we speak.

How does a t2i with regular lense it comes with look to you?

it’s shitty ass hell.