im documenting.
do you happen to use a 28mm 2.8 lens for most of your videos? or what kind of lens do you usually use most often?

Yes. But it’s a 1.8

How long does it take you to edit a music video

depends on how much they’re willing to pay.



Why do people call you God?

'cause they're gods too.

do you use a certain lens that you use for all your or do you constantly swap lens for different types of recordings?

Sometimes I swap, but most of my videos were shot with a 28mm.

what kind of camera do you use for your work? Oh and do you use Sony Vegas or what type of program do you use for your editing?

Canon 7D, and I use final cut.

i seen your fxrbesvision videos you not really a human are you?

Lol. Haha.



Did you take any photography/videography classes in the past?

nah, self taught. im just raw talent, barely know how to use a tripod lol. well i know how to use a tripod… you get my point.

your face is mad beautiful

lol. thank you.

How long you been shooting videos

going on 2 years now.

Canon T3i or t5i best for videographing?

It’s really up to you, you can shoot a bad ass video with an iPhone5s if you really want to.

I want to begin videographing because I just get so inspired by your work. It's complete art. I want to begin putting my creativity into videos as well and was wondering from your perspective, what do you think a good camera would be that has quality but yet might not be as expensive? Can you give me some tips?

Thank you, I really appreciate that. you should probably start with a canon t3i.

ur presence is very godly as fuck. i can tell y everybody flocks 2 u.