im documenting.
How close are you with indigochildrick?

thats my blood brudda.

What lense should I get for that t2i then?

depends on what you like, i really can’t tell you what lens to use. it’s all up to how you want your vision to look.

peace, king. your future shines as bright as you do.

*single tear runs down my face* thank you.

Ever thought about getting a filming crew together?

hell yeah. it’s forming as we speak.

How does a t2i with regular lense it comes with look to you?

it’s shitty ass hell.

I think i saw you yesterday in downtown walking in a building.

wow. you can’t be saying that shit and you’re on anonymous. chillllll.

What type of VHS camera did you use for midnight?

i dont remember

What camera would you recommend for a beginning photographer?

canon eos sl1

What's so funny

my life.

Are You A Witch?


Ever plan on branching out (artists outside of Miami?)

i already do mane.

Tell everyone Jah got the fire beats - Jah

jah got the fire beats on deck, y’all.


i need new money.

i luv you!!

fxrbes loves you too.

I want to dab around in photography, clean clear and crisp pictures and good res. I know theres probably no such thing as that, that's a cheap (by cheap I mean not $500 dollars) price but what do you recommend? Thanks

hmmm. you can probably find a t3i used for that price or cheaper on the web somewhere.